What is Logo Design?

Branding is one of the most important things that a company can do. If done effectively, it paints an impressive picture of your business, giving people an image to carry with them forever. The pictures, the colours, the message, all work together for a single purpose...to get you customers! Logo design is an important part of branding as it is the one thing that people associate the most to your business. Especially in the corporate world, a logo is the face of the business, and needs to be inviting so prospective clients "come in the door".

A logo helps form a customers first impression of your company, so what exactly is logo design? Logo design is the development of a graphic that is made up of text, symbols or a combination of both. It is your business "face" that allows people to differentiate your business and products from similar companies or products on the market. This unique identity should reflect what you stand for and help attract a new customer base.

A high quality logo should be simple and clear, but just as importantly, it should be eye catching and memorable. That's what makes the design of this so crucial. It should also look good across a range of mediums, from your corporate website, to your email signature, to letterheads, and even the side of a truck or a billboard in town.

A logo doesn't need to be expensive or complex in order for it to be good. To be honest, the simpler can be the better, using simple colours, shapes and text to really give a clean clear feel. This doesn't mean to say you should go ahead and do it on your own. Employing the services of a professional logo designer is a worthwhile investment, as they know what clients want, and have a creative mind. You can get a professional customised logo of high quality designed for as little as under $200.

Much like logo design not having to be expensive, the same goes for web design. Many people are hesitant to get a website built for their business, scared it will cost them tens of thousands of dollars. However there are plenty of affordable web solutions out there and it is possible to get a professional looking website design for $600-800. If you're going to go for a cheap web design option then you need to go with a reputable company. Make sure there are no hidden costs or ongoing fees that you don't know about. Also check out their portfolio to see that they can design quality websites.

Logos can also now be used in advertising on the body. Temporary tattoos are the latest wave of promotional genius as people advertise products and companies with a logo tattoo. Branding your body is going to take on a whole new meaning! Hopefully it won't get to the stage where people are covered in logos of various companies, walking around like a human billboard, providing the surface area of their skin to the highest bidder. If the craze does catch on, people might start to smell bad as they reduce the number of showers they have, thus preserving the temporary tattoo logos on their bodies.

Speaking of bodies, another very exciting type of design is fashion design. Clothes are one of the most important tangible assets that a person owns, as we wear them on a daily basis and they say a lot about us as a person. Probably the greatest influence on people's opinions is womens designer clothing as it is the most expensive and usually the best looking and highly noticeable. In the shallow society that we live in, ladies with custom designed clothes from high end designers create a lot of attention and are considered "better" by a lot of people.

If you still like to do things the old fashioned (and normal) way, then using a printing company to get your advertising out there on paper is the way to go. Using printing Melbourne services will ensure your documents are printed professionally, on time and on budget. Using recycable materials can also be better for the environment so it's good to go with a sustainable printing process. Printing can come in all shapes and sizes, with products such as newsletters, flyers, business cards and other stationary, and even certificates. If you need a cost effective way of getting printing done, you should consider short run printing which produces great results at a very affordable price. Ideal for both black and white or colour printing.

There are so many logo design companies out there and in Melbourne alone there would be hundreds of graphic firms that organise branding and design logos. On top of this, there are hundreds more freelancers. So how do you decide what to go for? The two main factors to consider when choosing someone for your logo design are the style of the agency who'll be doing the work, and your budget. Obviously you will have an idea in your head of what you do and don't like. So when looking for a graphic design team, check out their portfolio and take a look at past logos they have designed. This will give you an idea of whether their style is suitable to what you're looking for for your image.

Also, if your budget is restricted, the major design agencies will be out of reach for you. In this case, it might be worth looking at a freelance designer. These people can often work cheaper because their overheads are lower, working from home with less expenses. They are also happy to secure work so will be willing to do it for less than others. Again, make sure you see their portfolio and are happy with the style and quality of work they do!

Good web design will ensure your website has suitable levels of keywords that are relevant to your business and ensure that the search engines know exactly what you're about. Make sure your web design company implements sound SEO strategies to ensure your site will be found. It will benefit you in the long term with a lot more targeted traffic and result in increased leads and sales.